We have a large variety of firegrates for sale from Victorian styled cast iron grates to simple steel designs. (see pictures for samples) All have been refurbished.We also stock trays, coal buckets, companion sets and firescreens.

Our range of new light switches look like the old dolly light switches. Come in ready made up kits we have 7 types of switches currently available - 1-way, 2-way, Dimmers (500W & 800W), Isolator complete, Pull switches and Bell switches. Orders must be placed in writing and depending on component stock can be available within 5 working days. Samples are available on display in our shop and the various trade fairs we attend.

We stock a selection of silver plated items, ranging from cutlery to tableware. See FAQ to find out more about silver plate.

Large range of door knobs including some porcelain, glass and chrome plated. We sell made up pairs, as well as single knobs to complete your own sets. Spindles, backing plates & grub screws are also available for sale.

Garden taps, watering cans, ballustrades, plant pot holders, garden furniture....we have a variety of outdoor items for home use.

We continually get in products that are varied and don't fit in any particular range of items of existing stock. These range from collector's pieces, to items of interest or what we call what nots (or 'as is' items). They provide additional interest in research and trying to find out their origins. We in turn enjoy sharing that information with our customers. So be sure to come in and ask what's new in store.

We get in a variety of chandeliers, sconces, piano sconces, wall mounted candelabrum and light fittings. We are also one of the few places that stock chandelier/lamp/candelabra/sconce parts so that you can make up your own unique piece. All our parts are in brass. We also have a variety of shades in stock. All pieces are individually priced. So if you are looking for a feature or perhaps a period piece, or have found your own treasure that needs an addition come and see what we have.

We have a wide selection of bells in our shop ranging from church and school bells, to ship's bells to cowbells of various sizes. Handbells are most popular and vary from decorative brass ones, to the old 'Sunday school' bell, to silver plated and even the occasional silver handbell.We also stock counter bells, as would be found on the reception desk.We can also can make to custom order reproduction Victorian doorbells which create a lovely feature for any old home.

Repairs / restoration Polishing of brass, copper & silver ware  Gift vouchers are also availableContact us to find out more information regarding these services.
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