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We are in the process of populating these pages with pictures and descriptions of what we sell, so please keep coming back to see what we have. In the mean time please refer to the list below for some of the major groups of items you will find in our shop.

If there is something you are looking for and it's not listed or you think it should be, please email us so that we can follow this up



We stock the following items:

bathroom ware – shower heads, toilet roll holders, towel rails etc
brass bed parts
candlesticks & candelabrum
cast iron ware
chandeliers & light fittings
coat & hat hooks
copper ware
cupboard & drawer handles, knobs & locks
curtain rail fittings & tiebacks
door handles & knobs door knockers
fire grates & fire tools
hinges – butt hinges, parliament hinges, etc.
horse brasses
furniture fittings light, dimmer & pull switches – old & new (SABS approved)
locks – cupboard locks, padlocks, rim locks, old keys naval & war artefacts
numbers & letters
old tools & wooden implements
ornaments printer's tray pieces
plumbing fittings
brass piping, chain and plate
scales & weights
silverplated ware – cutlery, table ware & utensils various silver pieces
window fittings incl. sash window fittings
and interesting items of furniture, bric-a-brac, art and collectables






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